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A Message from Preface - Inaugural Gala Rescheduled for September 12, 2020


Preface Founder & Executive Director, Jonathan "JT" Wu, shared the following message on March 18, 2020 regarding Preface's proactive precautions for its Inaugural Benefit Gala in light of the global COVID-19 situation.



As many of you may already be aware, the broader health COVID-19 situation within the mainland United States continues to escalate, seemingly by the minute. Given the latest guidance by the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control recommending that all gatherings over 10 people be postponed for the next eight weeks, the Preface Leadership Team has convened an emergency meeting to discuss optionalities and agree on a path forward, especially as it relates to our upcoming Inaugural Gala on April 18, 2020.

This was not a decision we made lightly. That said, the Preface Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to take proactive action, in order to ensure the continued health and safety of our Ambassadors, our generous supporters (like you!), and our communities at large.

Effective immediately, we will be rescheduling our Inaugural Gala for September 12, 2020. Our venue, St. Ives Country Club in Johns Creek, GA, has been a phenomenal partner in working with our organization to reschedule the event at minimal cost, given the unexpected macroeconomic disruptions taking place in recent days. Pushing our event to later this year will ensure that we all have ample scheduling distance from the current health crisis in this time of uncertainty.

We have been working closely with local leaders, hotels, and airlines to ensure that these disruptions are handled with as little disruption and financial hardship as possible for all of our supporters. Many airlines are currently waiving change fees for dates later in the year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic – and many hotels have similar policies in place to reduce burdens on individual travelers. As always, the Preface Leadership team is ready and willing to assist with any needs you may have.

We remain fully focused on our core mission of fostering early childhood literacy – with a multilingual twist, and we look forward to celebrating with you at our rescheduled Inaugural Gala in September. In the interim, Preface has also been actively working with stakeholders here in Gwinnett County to leverage our existing partnership channels and provide in-demand medical supplies to families in need during this time of COVID-19 fueled uncertainty (as reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution here and here).

As the situation continues to develop, we will revert with any necessary additional updates. Thank you, as always, for your generosity and your continued support.


Jonathan “JT” Wu

Founder & Executive Director


About Preface:

Founded in 2019, Preface is a public-private philanthropic initiative dedicated to fostering early childhood literacy… with a multilingual twist! Partnering with educators and community leaders, Preface empowers local high schoolers to give back to their communities and bridge opportunity gaps by fostering literacy among young ESOL students. A federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization, Preface is proudly headquartered in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Learn more at

For further inquiries, contact:

Jonathan “JT” Wu

Founder & Executive Director

Devon Naftzger

Chief Marketing Officer




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