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Frequently Asked Questions

For High Schools

Will we have additional administrative burdens as a Preface Partner?

Not at all! All you need to do is say yes! Once you’ve confirmed your interest in becoming a Preface Partner, Preface’s experienced national team will handle the administrative logistics of partnership set-up and guide you through the process each step of the way. 

The Preface model is unique in that it is intentionally designed to add no extra administrative hassle for already busy educators. Preface simply asks for an open line of communication to key educators and the school’s ad hoc support in ironing out logistical questions on the front end.

What will my students get out of being a Preface Ambassador?

Preface Ambassadors have consistently reported positive experiences from their service - including a newfound appreciation for careers in education and social work!


More immediately, Preface Ambassadors have the opportunity to give back to their communities as mentor-like figures, earn valuable service hours, and even obtain work-based learning graduation credits.

Additionally, Preface’s leadership team has written scholarship recommendation letters for select Ambassadors and has provided career advice for students across a wide variety of backgrounds.

How does Ambassador transportation work?

While many Ambassadors are able to provide or arrange their own transportation to and from the elementary school, Preface is committed to knocking down barriers to service for our Ambassadors.


If transportation is an issue for any student, we have transportation funds available and have historically partnered with a wide-range of ride-sharing companies to assist our Ambassadors.

What is the expected time commitment for the Ambassadors?

As much (or as little) as they are able to consistently commit! While we ask for expectation-setting commitments from each Ambassador at the front end, we here at Preface are firm believers in knocking down all barriers to service. As a result, some Ambassadors have historically visited the elementary schools multiple times a week, while others were only able to at more irregular intervals.


Regardless of frequency, our relational engagement methods have produced proven results; and we’re dedicated to working with each Ambassador to create a schedule that works best for them and their individual circumstances!

How will the Ambassadors be trained?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to education, so, in conjunction with your partner elementary school’s team of educators and administrators, Preface will first craft a tailored Ambassador training program for the specific needs of your community! 


We then host a series of interactive training sessions for our Ambassadors to immerse them in that customized curriculum, to ensure that every Ambassador is up-to-speed in the best practices that work best for your area.

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