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The Preface Mission

Educational Opportunity for Every Child

Here at Preface, we're focused on one thing - setting up every child for lifelong learning success. Headquartered in our home of Gwinnett County, one of the most diverse and fastest-growing counties in the nation, we're committed to connecting high-achieving students and young professionals directly with the resources necessary to make a lasting and immediate impact on their communities.


Why Early Childhood Literacy?

Having been read aloud to as a child is recognized as the single most important activity leading to literacy acquisition.

In the first few years of life, a child’s brain builds 700 connections per second.

Vocabulary development by age 3 has been found to predict achievement by 3rd grade.

Yet, 1 in 4 American children grow up without learning to read...

...and 63% of kids nationwide are still NOT reading proficiently in elementary school, according to the

US Department of Education!

Students not reading proficiently by 3rd grade are 4x more likely to drop out of school and 60x more likely to serve time in prison...

... and taxpayers ultimately spend ~$292,000 over the life of a school dropout in public assistance, correctional housing, etc.

Source: Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation, Edmentum, Northeastern University, National Center for Education Statistics, Corners Outreach.

Our Model

For children whose caregivers work multiple jobs just to make ends meet, quality childcare and enrichment can be prohibitively expensive...

So, Preface connects high achieving students and service-minded young professionals with the resources to make an educational impact!

Whether through nurturing early speech and language skills through one-on-one reading sessions with our highly trained Preface Ambassadors...

...or using our best-in-class Bilingual Methods approach to foster relational bonding alongside English language acclimation...

We form connections with communities - because we know that when the next generation succeeds, we all do.

"When a child has no hope, a nation has no future."

Zell B. Miller

79th Governor of Georgia and U.S. Senator

Our Results

Preliminary results are in... and Preface is changing lives!

Preface students are making gains in literacy skills nearly TWICE AS FAST as other students in their grade!

Despite starting the year barely reading, Preface students are now on track to read AT OR ABOVE grade level by May!

Preface students with the most frequent and consistent interactions with our Ambassadors are experiencing even HIGHER GAINS in skills, relative to their peers!

Note: Data obtained and utilized in accordance with applicable data sharing guidelines of partner institutions.

Letter-based literacy scores quantified and standardized utilizing equalized interval scale methodology.

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