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Tavarria Zeigler

Miami, FL

Growing up in the diverse community of Miami, FL, Tavarria has witnessed the adverse effects that language barriers and economic challenges have on childhood education. Passionate about assisting schools in underprivileged communities at home and abroad, Tavarria and a partner co-founded a summer camp in Colombia, providing resources and a diverse curriculum to elementary school students. Additionally, she has served as a tutor at multiple elementary schools and currently volunteers teaching English as a second language in Trenton, NJ.

In addition to her work in the community, Tavarria has been recognized by the National Cheerleaders Association as an All-American Cheerleader and currently cheers for the Princeton University Tigers. She previously served as a cheerleading coach at a local elementary school in Miami and captained her high school cheerleading team while simultaneously graduating summa cum laude.

An alumna of Coral Reef Senior High School, Tavarria is pursuing an A.B. in Politics, with prospective certificates in Global Health Policy and Values & Public Life, at Princeton University.

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