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Preface Launches Innovative Virtual Portal to Support Remote Learning Nationwide


In partnership with educational leaders across the country, Preface has launched a first-of-its-kind Virtual Portal, allowing Preface Ambassadorships to safely continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic during periods of remote learning.

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA. – With school districts across the country settling into another stretch of remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Preface has further solidified its innovative approach to early childhood literacy by developing and launching a first-of-its-kind Virtual Portal for its Partner Schools around the nation.

Specially designed for the training, safety, and empowerment of every Preface Ambassador, Preface has partnered with leading technology vendors to virtually re-create the in-person mentorship experience. In addition to providing secure video-conferencing spaces and best-in-class multilingual training resources for Preface Ambassadors, the Preface Virtual Portal also allows Ambassadors to expand their reach beyond their own immediate neighborhoods – forging positive educational bonds with students in communities around the nation.

“We’re thrilled to have created an innovative way to forge ahead with our impactful relational engagement model – especially during this unprecedented global health crisis,” said Jonathan “JT” Wu, Founder & Executive Director of Preface. “Now more than ever, our educators are on the front lines selflessly fighting to mitigate learning loss and doing all they can to connect with and virtually uplift their students. By providing our Ambassadors with the tools and resources they need to safely lend a friendly helping hand to their own communities, we’re confident that our pioneering approach to service and literacy acclimation can create ripples of hope for students across the country.”

Wu added that the Virtual Portal builds on Preface’s pre-existing Virtual Ambassadorship program, which empowers Ambassadors to record multilingual books for distribution as supplemental classroom resources to Preface Partner schools. Thanks to its foresight and continued innovative streak, Preface is well-positioned to continue shifting the national conversation around early childhood literacy for the next generation – with a multilingual twist.

About Preface:

Founded in 2019, Preface is a public-private philanthropic initiative dedicated to fostering early childhood literacy… with a multilingual twist! Partnering with educators and community leaders, Preface empowers local high schoolers to give back to their communities and bridge opportunity gaps by fostering literacy among young emerging bilingual students. A federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization, Preface is proudly headquartered in Gwinnett County, Georgia and serves communities across America. Learn more at

For further inquiries, contact:

Jonathan “JT” Wu

Founder & Executive Director

Devon Naftzger

Chief Marketing Officer




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