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Our Perspective

Our Pillars of Progress

Here at Preface, we believe that a holistic relationship-building approach to education is the best pathway to lasting success.

Our three Pillars of Progress drive every aspect of the work that we do - and that won't ever change.

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Community Engagement

Effective and sustainable growth can only take root in a supportive community. That's why Preface is committed to starting every initiative from the ground up.


Partnering with local civic organizations, corporations, and teachers on the front lines, we make sure our volunteers are truly serving those who need it most. 

Our highly-trained Preface Ambassadors are recruited from the schools and organizations within every partner community. Then, we work alongside teachers and local leaders to deploy our self-sustaining pipeline of students directly into the spaces where they can make the most impact.

Civic society is the backbone of every healthy community. That's why it's our lodestar, too.

  • We amplify interventional impacts by working alongside existing community organizations and leaders.

  • We recruit our motivated Ambassadors directly from local schools and organizations in each community.

  • We work in tandem with teachers on the front lines to immediately deploy resources where they're needed most.

Relational Uplift

Education and child development never happen in a vacuum. Parents, teachers, and mentors all play powerful roles in setting children up for success - both inside and outside the classroom.

It can be hard enough navigating the intricacies of everyday life in America. Add educational complexities into the mix, and it's no wonder many caregivers can feel alone when it comes to raising young children.

That's why our Preface Ambassadors are never solely focused on the words on the page. The best space for rapid development remains the home - which is why we're committed to sharing best practices and advice with caregivers and family members, to help kids keep learning - no matter where they are.

Early childhood development is truly a group effort. We can't wait to join your team.

  • Our Ambassadors model an ethos of service and academic excellence to inspire developing children.

  • Our community partners provide perspective and insight for caregivers navigating early childhood development.

  • Our model creates positive associations with learning,  so kids can keep the journey going at home and beyond.

Educational Impact

Early educational difficulties often have a compounding and negative effect on children's lives well into adulthood. That's why our mission is to help preempt these learning gaps through reading and interacting with kids - before they even have a chance to fall behind.

In partnership with leading figures in the education industry and academia, we've created a top-tier set of educational best practices that our Preface Ambassadors apply in every interactive session.


It's why we build on topics right as they're taught in each child's classroom - reinforcing key concepts and helping to make reading fun and accessible for every child.

Learning can be the ultimate equalizer of lifetime opportunity. Together, we'll make sure it stays that way.

  • Our best-in-class literacy intervention techniques are developed in partnership with leading educational experts.

  • Our Bilingual Methods approach leverages natural language affinities to keep kids engaged and excited about reading.

  • Our Ambassadors receive continual training to ensure they're focusing on each child's high-potential areas of improvement.

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