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Megan Donahey

Phoenix, AZ

Megan has a passion for early childhood education, which has been the focus of her undergraduate research. Her varied research projects, focusing on the structural impacts of school choice policies in New York City and the impacts of commute and transportation availabilities on educational outcomes in rural Ethiopia, primarily evaluated the effectiveness of various education policies at curbing inequities in access to education resources across different socioeconomic groups, emphasizing the importance of early childhood learning to set individuals on a path to success.

Megan was a Division 1 softball player, team captain, and All-Ivy League selection in each year of competition. She has been an active member of the Princeton University community, working at Princeton University’s Office of Corporate Engagement, the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, and Princeton University’s Athletic Department in its marketing division. Previously, she worked for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce in her home state to aid in the development and expansion of small and medium sized businesses. In November, she will be joining Accenture as a consulting analyst in New York City.


An alumna of Xavier College Preparatory, Megan graduated with an A.B. in Public Policy from Princeton University.

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