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Lucia Stanham

Seattle, WA

A Uruguayan native, Lucia is a first generation immigrant who came to the United States at age 9 after living in the UK, Brazil, and Costa Rica. Lucia's love of learning and languages was instilled by her mother, whose tireless dedication helped ensure that she and her brothers could navigate multiple languages, overcome learning challenges, and adapt to different academic systems at early ages - all while also teaching them that education can be the greatest force in empowering individuals to forge their destinies, connect with neighbors, and build bridges between communities.  

Lucia currently lives in Seattle, WA and is a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for Healthcare, Government and Infrastructure. She also serves on the Preface Scholarship Subcommittee.


Lucia grew up in Miami, FL where she attended local public elementary, middle and high schools. During her undergraduate years, Lucia was involved in the New Jersey chapter of "Let's Get Ready," where she coached classes of high school students in mathematics and college essay preparation.

Lucia graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in Economics, while simultaneously obtaining a certificate in Finance.

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