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Heather Phillips

Director of Educational Standards

A native of south Georgia, Heather has an innate passion for inspiring young minds and creating a community of learners - both in and out of the classroom. With a wealth of leadership experience in both traditional and special education classrooms, Heather wholeheartedly believes that building relationships through peer-to-peer engagement is one of the strongest avenues for sustained student learning and growth. 

In her current role as a Kindergarten teacher at a metro Atlanta Title I school, Heather is consistently on the front-lines of educational innovation and learning loss mitigation with under-resourced student populations. Heather has also served as Preface's Educational Standards Director since 2020, playing an integral role in the best-practices standardization and hands-on educational training of Preface's nationwide Ambassador Corps.


Additionally, Heather is the Co-Founder and Educational Editor of The Dawg Duo, a boutique educational resource repository serving educators across America. Inspired by a desire to help alleviate the virtual teaching resource gap exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Heather and The Dawg Duo's custom content is created exclusively by teachers and for teachers - in order to encourage relationship building and hands-on, differentiated learning for students at all academic levels and cultural backgrounds.


An alumna of Southwest Georgia Academy, Heather graduated from the University of Georgia with an M.E.D. in Early Childhood Education, while simultaneously obtaining an Endorsement in Reading Education.

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