Antigone "Tiggy" Valen

Chief Financial & Innovation Officer

Originally from San Francisco, Tiggy brings a global passion for educational outcomes to bear, having lived ­in Bangkok, Vancouver, Beijing, and Paris. Based in New York, she currently works for J.P. Morgan developing products and strategies in the Digital Investment Bank. Previously, she advised technology & media clients, including Lyft, Peloton, Twilio, Tencent Music Entertainment, and NIO.


A specialist in autonomous vehicular (AV) research and contemporary applications, Tiggy is Founder and Managing Editor of All Aboard Autonomous, a platform dedicated to analyzing current trends in the AV industry. In addition to her pioneering work with Preface, she is actively involved with TutorMate, a program enabling young professionals to mentor elementary school students one-on-one through telepresence technologies, and serves on the board of Business Today.

A Phillips Exeter Academy alumna, Tiggy graduated with a B.S.E. in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University, simultaneously obtaining triple certificates in East Asian Studies, Finance, and Engineering & Management Systems.